Important Deadlines & Opportunities

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Manitoba Music Opportunities

MONITOR MIX Peer Mentor Groups 2021 | Deadline: Ongoing 

Manitoba Music Spotlight Series | Deadline: Ongoing

Manitoba Music Song of the Week | Deadline: Ongoing (Updated Thursdays)

Manitoba Music Spotify Playlist | Deadline: Ongoing (Updated Fridays)

Market Access Fund | Deadline: Rolling deadlines 

Calls for Submissions & Other Opportunities

Venus Fest Mentorship Program (July 22 - Aug 27) | Deadline: June 21

Indigenous Music Accelerator | Deadline: July 15

Research Study: Diversity & Inclusion in Canada’s Music Industry

Banff Centre | Project Management for Indigenous Organizations | Deadline: Sep 7

AE West | Deadline: Sep 24

Showcase Opportunities

Mundial Montreal | Deadline: June 25
Iceland Airwaves | Deadline: June 30

Future Echoes | Deadline: June 30

RBC Emerging Artist Mentorship & Showcase 2021 | Deadline: July 20

Reeperbahn Festival | Deadline: July 31 

Mondo 2021 Showcase Festival

Jazzahead! Digital

Performance Opportunities

Le Patio 340 Call for Artists | Deadline: Ongoing

CIMA | Deadline: Ongoing

St. Andrews Heritage Centre "Parlour Performances" | Deadline: Ongoing,

Keith's Friday Hootenanny | Deadline: ongoing

Professional Development Events 

AMPED | ADVANCE Music Professional and Entertainment Dialogues | Date: June 19
Rockalypse Music Workshops: Indigenous Music and Industry in Canada Today | Date: June 19
CIMA Summit: Indie Music Connects | Dates: June 22-23

Industry Surveys

Diversity & Inclusion in Canada’s Music Industry Survey
By: Music Canada and the Diversity Institute
Canadian Artists and Content Creators Economic Survey
By: Canadian Heritage
Deadline: July 2

Grants & Funding

Canada Council for the Arts

Explore and Create

Professional Development for Artists | Cut-off: Oct 20, Feb 2
Research and Creation | Cut-off: Oct 6
Concept to Realization - Project Grants | Cut-off: Oct 6
Concept to Realization - Composite Grants | Deadline: Oct 6

Creating, Knowing and Sharing: The Arts and Cultures of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples

Travel | Cut-off: Any time before departure date
Small-Scale Activities | Deadline:  Any time before start date of project/activity
Short-Term Projects | Deadline: Sep 22, Dec 8, March 16
Indigenous Organizations | Deadline: Sep 22, Oct 6

Supporting Artistic Practice

Professional Development for Arts Professionals | Cut-off: Oct 13, Jan 29
Sector Innovation and Development - Project Grants | Deadline: Nov 10

Arts Across Canada

Travel | Deadline: Any time before departure date
Representation and Promotion | Deadline: Any time before your departure date
Translation | Deadline: Oct 20, Jan 12
Circulation and Touring | Cut-off: Sep 8, Dec 8
Foreign Artists Tours | Deadline: Dec 8
Public Outreach - Project Grants | Deadline: Sep 29
Public Outreach - Composite Grants | Deadline: Sep 29

Arts Abroad

Travel | Deadline: Any time before departure date
Representation and Promotion | Deadline: Any time before your departure date
Translation | Deadline: Oct 20, Jan 12
Circulation and Touring | Cut-off: Sep 8, Dec 8
Residencies | Cut-off: Sep 8, Dec 8
Co-Productions | Deadline: Dec 8

Digital Strategy Fund

Digital Literacy and Intelligence | Deadline: Sep 30
Public Access to the Arts and Citizen Engagement | Deadline: Sep 30
Transformation of Organizational Models | Deadline: Sep 30

Artist Development | Deadlines: Aug 12, Oct 7, Feb 3
Juried Sound Recording | Deadlines: Dec 2
Live Performance | Rolling deadlines, at least one day before the start of the trip
Sponsorship | Applications must be submitted at the latest three months prior to the start date of the proposed event/project
Support for Live Music Events Program | Deadline: March 1

Manitoba Arts Council
Learn - Travel/PD | Deadline: July 15
Support - Adapt | Deadline: July 5
Support - Arts & Cultural Sustainability Fund | Deadline: July 5

Manitoba Film & Music 
Artist Development Sustainability Fund | Deadline: June 24 at 5PM
Music Companies Sustainability Fund | Deadline: June 24 at 5PM
Music Recording Production Fund | Deadlines: Sep 23, Jan 20
Music Recording Production Fund for Out-Of-Province Artists | Deadlines: Sep 23, Jan 20
Recording Artist Touring and Online Concert Support Program | Deadline: Rolling deadlines
Record Product Marketing Fund | Deadline: Rolling deadlines
Music and Viral Video Program | Deadline: Rolling deadlines
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Manitoba Music
Market Access Fund | Deadline: Rolling deadlines 

Commercialisation Internationale | Un mois avant le début des activités
Démarchage | 10 jours ouvrables avant le départ
Développement des marchés internationaux | 6 semaines avant l’événement  

Get Set. Get Paid. (Online Concert Royalties) | Deadline: ongoing

SOCAN Foundation
Relief Fund | Deadline: Ongoing
Professional Development Assistance Program | Deadline: ongoing
Awards for Young Canadian Songwriters | Deadline: July 15 


Canadian Folk Music Awards | Deadline: June 30 

Winnipeg Arts Council Awards

Job & Volunteer Postings

Canadian Folk Music Awards
Position: Jurors
Deadline: July 7
Winnipeg Arts Council
Position: Administrative Assistant
Deadline: July 9

Manitoba Foundation for the Arts
Position: Board Member
Deadline: July 15

Contests & Competitions Giveaway Competition
Deadline: Ongoing