Circling Coyote Man

Blues Hard Rock Metal Soul

Circling Coyote Man


Circling Coyote Man is a blues rock project featuring indigenous singer/songwriter Stephen "Circling Coyote Man" Chubaty. The spirit names comes from his Cree roots and his ancestral home in Peguis, Manitoba. Stephen has a melodic bass growl, a vibrato remnant of Louis Armstrong, and a clean vocal sound like Johnny Cash. He's one of the most unique vocalists in the local scene. Stephen has been writing songs since high school, some of which have appeared on his past projects with Dark Messiah and Undead Miscreant. 

Circling Coyote Man will explore mental health and addictions, living with disabilities, and fighting inner demons. Stephen plans on adding not only his vocals to the project, but his skills with harmonica and trombone. He is currently looking for band members to join. 


Stephen Chubaty
Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 794 6005

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